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Tools and technology

The Quality Manual found on this site is build using a number of on free software products we use:

  • Mediawiki for the Quality Manual and other documents. It is very easy to install and use due to the huge user base. However if you need a documentation management system where user access is an issue (specially if you would like a complex user authentication and grant access to different user groups there are a lot of wiki's out there that might be much more appropriate for your use.
  • If you use a Firefox browser, it is very easy to install a spell checker to check your text while your write.
  • Mantis bug tracer

To be continued..

The manual

The manual is skinny. Some people would like to add more text. However, there is no need to repeat the text of the standard(s).

It is a good idea to use Check Lists in the daily work. In this way it is easier to remember the mandatory activities to be compliant with the standard. An example could be the Check List to be used at the Management_review.

References and other material

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