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Dojo.Deferred is used to define custom made callback functions.

The example below define a deferred function that is called after timer time-out of 2 seconds.

<script type="text/javascript">
  function createDeferred(){
        console.log("Deferred button clicked"); 
        // Create a deferred and set it to fire in 2 second.
        var myDeferred = new dojo.Deferred();
        setTimeout(function(){ myDeferred.resolve({called: true});}, 2000);
        dojo.byId("response").innerHTML = "Created a deferred.";
        // Add a callback that changes the displayed message after it fires.
          dojo.byId("response").innerHTML = "Deferred has fired.";

The code above may be tested here: Real world examples..

Verified in

IE 8, Firefox 3.6.22, Dojo 1.6.1, Dojo 1.7.2


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