Dojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications

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In this section you will find the eBook:

Dojo, Dijit and HTML 5 in Real world applications

Modern web applications need functionality and speed equal to the traditional desktop application and a nice look and feel. That's provided by Dojo and Dijit. The documentation of the Dojo framework is well developed, however, the documentation is difficult to grasp until you get the overview: This collection of explained real world application examples helps you to get the necessary overview. Furthermore, as HTML5 is the new promising web standard all examples are based on HTML5. For the time being almost all examples found on the web is based on html4. Even though, it might be easy to convert to HTML5, experience proves it difficult.

Welcome to the Virtual Team eBook on Dojo, Dijit and HTML 5 in Real world applications!

How to use the materials

The examples found herein are carried out as real world examples. However, several of the implementations have been simplified in order to focus on the subjects covered by the different examples. All examples do have a web link to a working example like this: The fruit selector All implementations are made so you can get access to the full code by using your browser's view page source function.

You can use the material in two ways:

  • As a handbook: In the table of content below you have direct access to the different Dojo and Dijit functions.
  • Read the lectures and make the exercises in the University course.

All content is available under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Read more about how you may use the contents:

Table of contents