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First ensure that all required people is called to and participate in the meeting (e.g. ISO 9001 clause 5.5.1 and 5.6.1 and SA8000 clause 9.4).

Normally the meeting will be chaired by the Quality Manager (Management representative ISO 9001 clause 5.5.2.b).

All issues in the suggested agenda shall be considered:


The agenda for the management review might among other contains:

Quality management system documentation

  • Status information about Quality system and Social responsibility (ISO 9001 clause 5.1.a).

Review and if necessary update of:

Organization and Authority

  • Appointed a management representative (e.g. Quality Manager)(ISO 9001 clause 5.2.2. and SA8000 clause 9.2).
  • Review of Organization diagram and Job descriptions (ISO 9001 clause 5.5.1).
  • Review of Internal Communication effort (ISO 9001 clause 5.5.3).
  • Review of changes (Organizational/Products/Services) that might affect the Quality management system (ISO 9001 clause 5.6.2.f).
  • Review of Resource needs (ISO 9001 clause 5.6.3.c).

Customer satisfaction

  • Customer requirement process (ISO 9001 clause 7.2.1.) and
  • Customer satisfaction measurements (ISO 9001 clause 8.2.1.) and
  • Customer feedback (ISO 9001 clause 5.6.2.b).
  • Potential product improvements (ISO 9001 clause 5.6.3.b)

Production and product performance

  • Process performance and product conformity (ISO 9001 clause 5.6.2.c)

Continual improvements

  • Review of Continual improvement actions (ISO 9001 clause 5.6.2.g and 8.5.1)
  • Recommendation for improvements (ISO 9001 clause 5.6.2.g and 5.6.3.a)

Follow-up on open actions

  • Status of preventive and corrective actions (ISO 9001 clause 5.6.2.d).
  • Review of last Managements review description and actions (ISO 9001 clause 5.6.2.e).

Minutes of meeting

  • Record all actions and decisions of the meeting (ISO 9001 clause 5.6.1).


  • ISO 9001:2008
  • SA8000:2008
  • See all references here: References.

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