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This page is named Performance appraisal, however, the title is misleading and only used because it is the normal translation for "Medarbejder udviklings samtale" - employee development interview or rather conversation. In this page you may read about the Performance appraisal - the Scandinavian way.

In most companies in the Scandinavian countries, companies use Performance appraisal to focus on the relation between the employer and the employee and the well-being of the employee. The employee performance is also discussed. However, the underlying assumption is that the employee always attempt to do her best. Even though the focus is different, the result might be the same: A better working environment and an enhanced business performance.

This page has been developed to guide managers in planing, execution and evaluation of the Performance appraisal - the Scandinavian way.

If you would like to compare the scandinavian model with the Anglo-American model Wikipedia have a good article also called Performance appraisal.

Performance appraisal

An employee development interview is an annual meeting between the employee and the immediate supervisor. This conversation is an essential tool to provide a framework for the employee's ongoing development in the job. The meeting is also seen as a formal supplement to the daily dialogue between employee and manager.

Most companies, especial the larger ones, has two systems each with a separate template: One used for the employees and another one for the management.

Here you will find a description of the various phases of a employee development conversation.

Interview vs. conversation

It is important that the meeting becomes a equal conversation between the employee and the manager. A passive interview where the manager ask questions and the employee answers politely will not serve any purposes and might lead to disappointment rather than success.


to be continued..



Evaluation of the company's employee development program


Performance appraisal Check List

  • Plan the performance appraisal and communicate values to middle management.
  • Training of middle management in the performance appraisal model.
  • Send invitations to all employees with guide line and meeting time place
  • Perform performance appraisal as planed
  • Follow-up on individual employees feedback
  • Evaluate the performance appraisal program (e.g. use of Employee satisfaction survey)


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